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Wireless/Wired Network Design & Implementation

Building and maintaining a strong network helps keep your business running smoothly. Our network design and implementation services drive results for your business. We have the tools and experience to design networks that are high performance, highly dependable and very secure.

Network Assessment, Redesign & Remediation

Doing a network assessment gives you a clear picture of your network infrastructure. It gives the accurate information you need to make smart decisions about planned modifications or new technologies. If your business is seeking to upgrade or expand your network, the first step is to recognize the capabilities and shortcomings of your existing network. Once your network is assessed and issues are uncovered, provide remediation plans to fix the problems and optimize your network’s performance.

Physical Security, Access Control, and Automation

We can protect your business from a growing number of physical security threats. We construct network-centric physical security solutions that supply protection for you and your business. We include video surveillance, IP cameras, physical access control, and more. Our team of 20+ year Veterans of Law Enforcement are assisting in the design and deployment of all our Surveillance Projects.

Managed Network Services

It can become very time consuming having to monitor and manage your own network. Our support team provides remote, enterprise-wide network management and monitoring, giving you a piece of mind that your business is running smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best, running a successful business. 

With our Managed Services Option you will be provided with a network design, installation, provisioning management and maintenance of your network. While taking into account your building layout, we evaluate your current needs and estimated usage. A custom network schematic is then created to meet your coverage and performance needs, along with a review of network and security policies.


Are you having trouble connecting to your cell providers network? Do you have issues making or receiving calls in your home or

building? We have a solution for you or your organization, ranging from a very simple cell repeater option all the way up to DAS solutions.

Data Migration

We have developed a comprehensive guide to give our clients the best product possible. With over 100+ Migrations under our belt, we continue to be industry leaders.


Here is our process:

SD-WAN and Remote Teleworker

Our Architecture and Deployment team provide onsite and remote, enterprise-wide network design and deployment that can allow your business to continue operating from remote locations and on the run.